On Monday, January 19th, 2015, the Genoese Pesto made by marble mortar and wooden pestle is set to become UNESCO World Heritage. Thanks to Regione Liguria, Genoa City Council and Chamber of Commerce of Genoa, which are the promoters, we will be able to realize this dream, cultivated for a few years and decided during the final of the 2014 Pesto World Championship.


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Genova Pesto World Championship

origoneOur greeting to Franco Origone, great Italian and Genoese cartoonist. Last year, he sent us this wonderful cartoon that awarded the "City of Genoa Prize" in the international competition Palatifini Cartoons.

portaaporta scabinChef David Scabin, internationally known and one of the most talented performers of cuisine research, prepares Genoa Pesto according to the official Championship recipe. See the TV program "Porta a Porta" of last Wednesday, we are cited after 1 hour, 37 minutes and 20 seconds!


Ricciuti pesto_ch_020Last weeks to compose the pieces of the event and to define participants and guests. Here you can see the first restaurateurs who have joined the "Week of Pesto Restaurants" and here all info about "Children Championship". For the latecomers, the latest opportunities to participate by clicking here. All news through our newsletter, subscribe here! And then there's our facebook page, do you like it?


BPAOne of the most prestigious banks specialized in management of assets, Patrimoni Sella & C. Bank, supports the Pesto World Championship. Patrimoni Sella & C. Bank is based in Turin and has offices throughout Italy and in the center of Genoa. Founded in 2005, it is part of Gruppo Banca Sella Holding and it is specialized in asset management for private and public clients. It also performs all other banking functions.


foto 2Mix the cards that illustrate the preparation of pesto using marble mortar and wooden pestle. Try to put them in order, verify the correct sequence. When you are ready, take part in the World Pesto Championship!


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International Cartoons Contest
15 ctober 2011 – 31 January 2012

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