Genoa Pesto World Championship in Paris!

Saturday, April 12, 30 people competed for the best Pesto in Paris. It was the first preliminary competition valid for the upcoming sixth edition of the Championship in 2016. The day was beautiful, in addition to preliminary competition - the first time with 30 people at the same time - there were tastings of Ligurian products of the highest quality and a cooking class held by Maurizio Pinto, chef at Genoa restaurant Voltalacarta.


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Genova Pesto World Championship

2011 -_10-11_settembre_festa_s_cuore_177The Pesto Competition in Montepegli (in the hills above Rapallo, Liguria), valid for the 4th Edition of the World Championship, was very intense and participated. The winner is Roberto Ciccarelli, followed in second place by Stefano Ferro (a family of very good pesto makers!) and then by Stefania Passaro and Mario Zanoni.

The jury was presided by the World Champion, Federico Ferro, and by Maurizio Valle, one of the organizer of Palatifini Association. The jury also included Francesca Faruffini and Roberto Tarella.

giuria e vincitriceDuring the first Genoa "Water Festival", the official competition reserved to Genoese bathing establishments’ representatives  took place on September 7 with a great public participation and competitors skills. It was hard for the Jury to choose the best mortar made pesto! Finally, Edda Fossati won followed by Anna Pavese and Ruggero Pelle.


canadaHer name is Letizia Ripandelli and she comes from Missauga. Letizia will represent Canada at the upcoming Genoa Pesto World Championship. 15 competitors took part in the competition, including chefs, food lovers and aspiring chefs. In second place came the chef Keith Muller and third Satrujeet Das, a student of George Brown's Culinary School.

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Il Gruppo Scout d'Europe Genova III Santa Zita si è cimentato in una prova ardimentosa proposta dal Capo Cambusa Luca Viganego durante il campo estivo a Monte Leco: preparare un ottimo pesto fatto al mortaio! La loro guida è stata Maurizio Valle dell'Associazione Palatifini che li ha seguiti nelle diverse fasi di preparazione svelando loro tutti i misteri. E il pesto dei lupetti ha passato la prova!

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Palatifini Association supports "I.TA.CA Travelers and Migrants Festival", the festival dedicated to Responsible Travel and Tourism that every year in May offers meetings, exhibitions and insights in various places in Bologna and New York.

The festival involves associations and citizens to reflect on the "rights and reversals of travel" and on the theme of being "near and far" from home. Because a responsible journey starts from home and comes back home, any home (it is not a case if in the dialect of Bologna "it ta ca" means "are you at home?"), any Ithaca, where more than the destination it is the route that counts.


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