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Genova Pesto World Championship


On the occasion of the Fourth Genoa Pesto World Championship Chefs from Genova Gourmet -  the quality mark of the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa that identifies and guarantees the best restaurants - were the protagonists of Pesto Gran Gala which was held in the evening on Saturday 17 March in the splendid Hall of Palazzo della Borsa in Genoa. Chefs have presented guests a selection of dishes, between tradition and innovation, to fall in love with Liguria. The evening was attended, among others, by the winner of IV Genoa Pesto World Championship Sergio Muto and the winners of international humorous contest "Palatifini Cartoons".

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The 100 competitors who challenged each other on Saturday 17 March for the title of World Champion were all very good at preparing the pesto and some of them confessed to having trained a lot, to the delight of their diners! But as in all competitions, the best wins! To know the top 10 finalists and the chart of the 100 competitors by group click here.



The fourth edition of the Pesto Championship saw the commitment of an exceptional jury composed of thirty judges, not only Italians, including expert food critics, chefs, tasters and sommeliers, food&wine journalists and bloggers of the area. This year the quality of Genoese Pesto "crushed" by the competitors has been generally higher, putting a strain on the palates of the judges.


CONCORSO-PALATIFINI med“Palatifini Cartoons” first edition saw the participation of 169 authors from 49 different Countries worldwide. From Belgium to China, from Ukraine to Germany to Israel, more than 300 cartons submitted from around the world. Among these, 100 were selected to make part of the exhibition and catalog, among them  were chosen by the jury 10 finalists.

See the Top100 cartoons clicking here!



The last preliminary competition valid for the IV Genoa Pesto World Championship took place in Florence at Taste the most prestigious Italian event dedicated to food quality.
10 competitors - it must be said - from all over the globe: Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Spain, in addition to the Italian cities of Florence, of course, Naples and Piacenza.


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International Cartoons Contest
15 ctober 2011 – 31 January 2012

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