The winner of the official Pesto competition, valid to select the representative of Norway at the next Genoa Pesto World Championship (March 17, 2012), is Mrs. Elin Kvamme (left in the picture). She is a rector of an upper primary school and also the local president of Slow Food in Bergen. Elin has been awarded by the Minister of Health of Norwegian Government, Mrs. Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen (right in the picture).

The Pesto Competition (43rd Pesto race in preparation for the 2012 World Championship) was held in Bergen, at the Bergen Food Festival, the biggest event about traditional and quality food production. During the three days dedicated to good food, the Cultural Association of Palatifini, in addition to the preliminary competition, held also Pesto courses and demonstrations.

Pesto Genovese was received with great interest by the public (Norwegians love our pesto!), by National and Local Government (in addition to the Health Minister, took part in the festival also Minister of Fisheries and President of the Region), and by the national media (TV and interviews).