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Pesto World Championship will be on board the Costa Favolosa on the occasion of the new edition of the “Protagonists of the Sea”, the long-awaited annual event dedicated to the best Travel Agents, partners of the Italian company. From 15 to 19 May, on board the Costa Favolosa, as many as 1,800 partners coming from over 32 countries around the world, together with the Costa Crociere sales team, will be the real stars of a cruise to Savona, Marseille and Barcelona.

The 2019 edition of the Protagonists of the Sea, the 26th, will be a truly “extra-ordinary” edition, both in terms of the number and type of activities on board.

The program was created with the idea of ​​focusing on Travel Agents, involving them in a series of tailor-made initiatives based on their preferences, which will see the active participation of the Costa management.

The “extra-ordinary” activities partners will get involved with the Costa management to prepare the best pesto, the best tiramisu and the best cocktail, which will then be included in the bar list of the new flagship Costa Smeralda.

The competition for the best pesto will have among the judges Emiliano Pescarolo, World Champion in charge of Genoese Pesto with mortar, and will be valid as a preliminary competition for the next edition of the World Championship, scheduled in Genoa on 28 March 2020.


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