It’s titled “Hey Pesto” and was written by chef Sam Harris the article published in the Financial Times devoted to Genoese Pesto and its Championship!

The chef, we have not had the fortune to know, could not resist the temptation to propose a variant of Genoese pesto, also justified by the fact that in England the basil does not have exactly the same flavor of our Basilico Genovese DOP.

Appeared in the special 25/26 August Week End Magazine, the article skillfully describes rules and procedures of the Genoa Pesto World Championship, how the best Pesto should be, including the transcript of the official recipe, with Basil “Genovese DOP” and  extra-Virgin Olive Oil “Riviera Ligure DOP”.

Thank you, Mr. Sam Harris, we will invite you to the next edition of the Genoa Pesto World Championship!!!

Click here to download the article and read it!