On Monday 17 January five preliminary contests ?valid for the Fourth Genoa Pesto Championshio 2012?went on at New York (USA), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Sapporo (Japan) and Moscow (Russia).

The young Chef Aaron won the New York challenge, as the businessman Bruno Armbrust that of Rio de Janeiro. At Buenos Aires the winner is Leonardo Fumarola of Italian descent, while the Chef Katsuya Mikami won the contest of Sapporo, Japan. Finally, at Moscow the estate agent Gennady Grabrielyan has been crowned.

The participation was great and passionate. There were cooks, journalists, employees, students, entrepreneurs and experts or just lovers of Italian cuisine. Among the judges ?as well as Association Palatifini envoys (Roberto Panizza, Sara Di Paolo e Mauro Cavallero)?Chefs, experts and people out of the ordinary as Joh Sasaky one of the greatest writers living in Japan, lover of Italian kitchen.

The preliminary contests have taken place with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa.