Three beautiful days in Bergen among Pesto demos, preliminary competitions and courses, both outdoors and in professional kitchens. The Cultural Association of Palatifini had been invited by the Region of Bergen to attend at Bergen Food Festival, the biggest event in Norway dedicated to traditional and quality food.
The experience was a great success: Norwegians love our pesto and they absolutely enjoy the possibility to try to prepare Genoese Pesto by mortar and pestle!

The national television filmed the events and made interviews, local newspapers wrote and photographed. Promotional brochures about Genoa and Liguria, sent by the Chamber of Commerce, really went like hot cakes! Genoese Pesto, special guest of the Festival, attracted also two National Ministers, Fisheries and Health, the Minister of Health took part at the ceremony to reward the Pesto Champion, who will represent Norway at the Championship, and of course the President of the Region of Bergen.

Norwegians love pesto and they demonstrated to be very good in preparing pesto, too! They followed the “instructions” given by Palatifini expert. In Bergen, Palatifini was represented by Mauro Canepa, a finalist at the last Championship, and Sergio Di Paolo, Vice-President of the Association. Of course the ingredients were particularly good: they all came from Italy! Genoese aromas and flavors completely fascinated Norwegians!

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