In the heart of Soho, an entire block of 4 floors is dedicated to the art of cooking: it is the International Culinary Center, a dream for those who want to become chef and also for those who want to eat something… on the ground floor there is the restaurant to taste dishes prepared by students (burgers are great!!!!).

The Academy is headed by renowned chef Cesare Casella and provides different types of studies and courses, day or night, Italian or French cooking, even with the possibility of internships in Italy. Jessica Botta is the chef responsible for the coordination of studies on Italian cuisine and is a lover of pasta: for this reason in her teaching program it could not fail a plate of “troffie” with pesto!

Roberto Panizza, president of Palatifini Association, with the help of Martina Kenworthy,, gave a pesto demo to the students of the Accademy and then four aspiring chefs  prepared for their first time Pesto with mortar and pestle! At the end, the just prepared Pesto was used to season the “troffie” (typical ligurian pasta)! What can we say? We love New York!

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