Palatifini Association supports “I.TA.CA Travelers and Migrants Festival”, the festival dedicated to Responsible Travel and Tourism that every year in May offers meetings, exhibitions and insights in various places in Bologna and New York.

The festival involves associations and citizens to reflect on the “rights and reversals of travel” and on the theme of being “near and far” from home. Because a responsible journey starts from home and comes back home, any home (it is not a case if in the dialect of Bologna “it ta ca” means “are you at home?”), any Ithaca, where more than the destination it is the route that counts.

The festival, organized by the Associations Yoda and Pentales, promotes competitions for photography, illustration and short story on the topic of responsible tourism. On the occasion of the IV Genoa Pesto World Championship, Roberto Ricciuti, the winner of the photography competition, will be our guest!

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