“Palatifini Cartoons” first edition saw the participation of 169 authors from 49 different Countries worldwide. From Belgium to China, from Ukraine to Germany to Israel, more than 300 cartons submitted from around the world. Among these, 100 were selected to make part of the exhibition and catalog, among them  were chosen by the jury 10 finalists.

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THE WORKS. The cartoons are different for  techniques, from china to software, for stylistic choices, from stylized strokes in rapid bursts of color, to real “tableaux vivants”, and various are also the messages that they want to communicate, always through the game of irony. The theme “Genoese Pesto” has given way, in particular for foreign illustrators, to deepen their knowledge of the city of Genoa through its popular sauce, while the theme “Food” aroused strong social reflections in the cartoonists.

THE JURY. The jury is composed by  Luca Borzani, Massimo Bucchi, Roberta Canu, Mauro Cavallero, PaoloCheli, SarahDi Paolo, Anna Galleano, Ambra Gaudenzi, Ferruccio Giromini, Nelly Mandeville, Emilia Marasco, Fausto Oneto, Barbara Schiaffino, Francesca Traverso, Gianfranco Uber.

THE EXHIBITION. The exhibition “Palatifini Cartoons” is opened in preview until Sunday 11 March, 10am-6.30pm, at Palazzo della Borsa, via XX Settembre in Genoa, while will be hosted in the Loggiato of the Palazzo Ducale from 15 to 25 March. The exhibition can be found in the catalog “Palatifini Cartoons”.

THE AWARD. The winners will present at the awards during the Genoa Pesto World Championship 2012 on March 17 in the Hall of Salone del Maggior Consiglio at Palazzo Ducale.
There will be other finalists including Grolik Markus, from Monaco of Bavaria, thanks to his work inspired by  Grimm’s fairy tale (2012 is the bicentenary of the publication of the first volume of Children’s and Household Tales). Grolik come to Genoa thanks to the Goethe-Institut Genua Cultural Association, which supports the Championship.

The catalog and the exhibition are made possible thanks to the two Genoese Companies “Grafiche G7” and “Pitto-P.Zeta “. Also important is the support of Alitalia, which allows the two winners of the award to come to Genoa .