The best pesto was that prepared by Vittorio De Scalzi, voice and guitar of the band “New Trolls”. In second place Vilma Bisio, owner and chef of the historic “Trattoria Bisio”, and at the third place the songwriter Max Manfredi, rather pleased with his preparation and ready for the next races!

The other competitors were the artists Laura Olivari, Cristiano Angelini and Sergio Alemanno and then a cook, a firefighter, a singer and a dancer who live in the neighborhood.

People looking out the windows, and people dreaming “trenette al pesto”: the scent of basil has spread throughout the alley. Then Don Gallo came to reward the winners. And then the music of De Scalzi for the first time playing the Esteve of legendary Fabrizio De André.

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Thanks to viadelCampo29rosso, the museum/store dedicated to Genoese traditional singers, thanks to all shops belonging to CIV via Lomellini and CIV piazza Banchi. Thanks to the jury and to all of you who were there.