Genoa Pesto competition reserved to children. Participation is free and open to children from 5 to 10 years old. It is held in Salone del Minor Consiglio at Palazzo Ducale, Saturday, March 17, in the morning.
The event is realized thanks to the collaboration with the “Association of childhood and culture” and her president Serafina Arena, the magazine “Andersen” and the work of the teacher Mimma Caccamo, the territorial manager Delia Ansaldo and the pedagogical coordinator of the Municipality of Genoa Doriana Allegri with the children of the Villa Sciallero Children’s School in Sestri Ponente in Genoa, with the collaboration of the video-maker Alberto Minghella.

The “Associazione Infanzia e Cultura” is born from the collaboration of Baby & Nursery Schools Leaders and Teachers in retirement, to not disperse the cultural and social heritage acquired over years of experience employed by the Municipality of Genoa. The Association operates in order to:

  • Send and support the capabilities and resources of children and adolescents;
  • Cooperate with educational services for children and adolescents to highlight identity and memory, with particular attention to documentation and dissemination of experiences;
  • Build opportunities for creating networks of families favoring aggregation and integration;
  • Organize training and qualification courses for teachers.

Thanks to the collaboration with the magazine “Andersen” every child receives a book as a gift. A good book is an opportunity not only for knowledge but also for emotion, fun and reflection. A beautiful story allows you to grow up by experiencing the imagination, allowing you to cross cultures, destinies and experiences that otherwise could never be met. Each book is therefore an opportunity for comparison, enrichment and growth.

Costa Edutainment supports Pesto Championship by gifting a AcquarioVillage ticket to all our young competitors.

AcquarioVillage. A whole world waiting to be discovered.

Acquario di Genova belongs to the wonderful Acquario di Genova world, where learning  becomes a fun, enthralling experience. The AcquarioVillage ticket includes the entrance to all the facilities managed by Costa Edutainment in  the Porto Antico area in Genoa.–

acquario di genova