On March 23rd 2024 Genoa will host the long-awaited and highly prestigious 10th edition of the World Pesto al Mortaio Championship at the Sala del Maggior Consiglio in Palazzo Ducale organised by the Genoa Chamber of Commerce and the Palatifini Cultural Association. 100 competitors from Liguria, from the rest of Italy, and from European and non-European countries will compete in using mortar and pestle to make Pesto Genovese following the ancient tradition. There will be many side events. One of the most eagerly awaited, at 9.00 a.m. at the start of the day, will be the special non-competitive contest organised for the very youngest in cooperation with the Consorzio di Tutela del Basilico Genovese DOP. A moment for everyone to enjoy and have fun, drenched in the scent of Genoese Basil, to proudly carry the flag of Pesto, symbol of Genoa and Liguria in the world.

A special letter to apply

In front of the Consorzio’s headquarters in Genoa, in Salita Santa Caterina 50R there will be a very special mailbox…

Genoese Basil is the best ally of little boys and girls who want to become little Pesto al Mortaio Champions! To take part, they can write to ‘Basilico Genovese DOP’, the basic ingredient of Pesto, a letter with the following opening words: ‘Dear Basilico Genovese DOP, I would like to become a young world champion of Pesto al Mortaio because…’ telling what Pesto means to them and their families, what stories and emotions they have learned from making it and enjoying it as a family. In the letter, they must remember to write their contact details (telephone, email). The Consorzio will select the most impressive letters and in this way they will recruit the Young Pesto World Champions who will participate in the 2024 Championship!

Multisensory workshops with schools to “train” children

To bring children closer to the event, the Consorzio di Tutela del Basilico Genovese DOP will also involve the pupils of some elementary schools with a recreational-educational proposal from the edutainment format “Tutti Pazzi per il Basilico Genovese DOP” to “train” them in order to take part in the Pesto al Mortaio World Championship, thus getting to know better the main ingredient to which the success of pesto in the world is due, i.e. Genoese Basil DOP.
The little ones will be involved in a multisensory adventure to discover our iconic product with a two-stage journey specially designed for them: an emotional, almost magical first stage, followed by a second stage of discovery and a practical pesto al mortaio workshop.
Will our children be able to pass the tests to become ‘young world champions of pesto al mortaio’? We’re going to witness some amazing moments.