180 People enrolled.
Competitors. Average age 40 years. 60% men. All jobs represented.
50% from Genoa, 25% from Liguria, 25% from the rest of the world.
Final competitors.
1 Champion: Luciana Parodi, housewife, from Genoa.
30 Judges. Professional tasters, chefs, wine and food journalists and experts.
Guests of honour: the mayor of Genova, the most important local autorithies.
25 Patronages. The most important cultural associations and trade organizations.
17 Sponsors (main, technical and media sponsors).
80 Attendants to the convention about the production and peculiarities of authentic Genoese basil.
1000 Visitors to the exhibition of historical mortars.
30 Restaurants joining the “Week of Pesto”.
25 Professional testers Oil of Olive (ONAOO).
90 Attendants to mortar-made pesto courses organized by Palatifini
500 People visiting traditional food and wine markets in Genova, Chiavari and Milano (ITE, International Tourism Exchange)
1000 circa E-mails and phone calls before and after the Championship.
6 Professionals organized the event.
13 Staff.
2.000.000 € The estimated value of the communication impact.
Media: Local and national TV, international, national and local Radio, local and national magazines and newspapers. Internet sites from all over the world.