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2018 Timetable

2018 Timetable2018-03-13T11:59:36+01:00
  • h.8.30 am – Accreditation of 100 Participants, delivery of material and placement
  • h.9.00 am – Accreditation of children and young jury for the Children’s Championship
  • h.9.30 am – Arrival of Judges, delivery of material and forms
  • h.10.00 am – Children’s Championship 2018
  • h.10.30 am – Arrival of Authorities, Committee of Honors and Press
  • h.10.45 am – Children’s Championship Award
  • h.11.00 am – Greeting of Authorities
  • h.11.15 am – Presentation by Organization
  • h.11.25 am – Pesto World Championship Hymn
  • h.11.30 am – Competition start
  • h.12.10 pm – Competition end and meeting of the jury

Piazza De Ferrari – h.12.00 – all together we prepare Pesto using marble mortar and wooden pestle! Open to everybody!

Piazza De Ferrari – h.13.30 – pasta with Pesto for everybody!

  • h.2.30 pm – Award ceremony for the “furthest” competitor and other special Awards
  • h.2.45 pm – Nomination of the 10 finalists
  • h.3.00 pm – 10 finalists Final competition
  • h.3.40 pm – Conclusion and meeting of the jury
  • h.4.00 pm – Proclamation of 2018 World Champion
  • h.4.30 pm – Official conclusion of Seventh Pesto World Championship

Piazza De Ferrari – h.5.30 pm – basil ice-cream for everybody!

Piazza De Ferrari – h.7.00 pm – fire works!

  • h.8.00 pm – Pesto Party, food tasting by Genoese and Ligurian restaurateurs. Event by invitation

In Sala del Minor Consiglio

  • 9.00 am/4.00 pm – Ancient mortars exhibition. Selection of historical mortars with illustration of the origins and family stories.
  • 10.00am/4.30 pm – “Annullo postale”, special postage stamp and postmark by Poste Italiane
  • 10.00 am/4.30 pm – “The DOP of the ligurian agro-food”: info Corners with ligurian oils and wines tasting seminars.
  • 10.00 am/4.30 pmCorner Palatifini and Fondo Tumori e Leucemie del Bambino
  • 11.00 am/5.00 pm Pesto Talk – the “Championship living room” with interviews, opinions and videos.

And Also…

  • Friday, March 16th 2.00 pm / 8.00 pm “Pesto Last Minute”. Rapid courses and latest Pesto by mortar exercises in the Sala Trasparenza of Regione Liguria, in Piazza De Ferrari
  • Saturday, March 17th at 5.00 pm An hour through the Historic Centre of Genoa, with curiosities and gastronomic traditions.
  • Sunday 18th. “Pesta e Firma!”: Pesto al Mortaio in 100 squares of Liguria in favor of the UNESCO project. Initiative by Regione Liguria, Chambers of Commerce, Ligurian Municipalities, Palatifini Cultural Association. Here is the list of Municipalities!
  • Sunday 18th Genoa, old Darsena. Pesto demonstration on the day of arrival of “Museo Navigante”, in collaboration with the Galata Museo del Mare. Here the program.
  • Pesto Week of Ligurian Restaurateurs: in the week of the Championship restaurants of Genoa and Liguria offer special menus based on Pesto. The list is available on the site.
  • Week of the most beautiful shop windows. Mortars, pestles, basil and Genoa Pesto World Championship in the shop windows!
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