Liguria’s DOP and IGP agricultural excellences:

Pesto is the symbol of Ligurian cuisine: a cuisine rich in traditions, simple, balanced and with delicate flavors like those of the original products that the territory has historically made available.

BASILICO GENOVESE DOP: the “prince” ingredient in the pesto recipe.

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Genoese Basil is a unique product that gave birth to the pesto recipe: its traditional cultivation in Liguria gave it unique characteristics made it a real ingredient, and not just an aroma as is the case with conventional basil.
Its tenderness and delicate aroma are the result of a centuries-old tradition of cultivation on natural land that started historically in Genoa and has gradually embraced the entire seaward side of Liguria-a tradition and an area that is maintained today in the Basilico Genovese DOP specification.
The Basilico Genovese DOP label bears the product logo and the European DOP logo completed by the producer company’s data.

OLIO DOP RIVIERA LIGURE: there is Liguria inside

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The profile of Liguria is the territory’s embrace of its sea, which translates into one of the products that most distinguish its history and cuisine.
Ligurian olive growing has shaped the territory with millions of cubic meters of terracing and is now a crucial garrison of biodiversity and value guaranteed by the DOP of Riviera Ligure Olive Oil, which is distinguished by the numbered yellow guarantee neckband of the Consorzio di Tutela.
Riviera Ligure DOP extra virgin olive oils, from west to east, have the common thread of elegance of sensations and softness on the palate, together with a sweet note in the mouth, which gradually opens up to subtle notes of bitterness and spiciness, the harmony of which have historically been and still are the basis of the balance of the traditional Genoese pesto recipe.

DOP WINES OF LIGURIA: drink well, drink Ligurian

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Liguria is one of the smallest wine-producing regions in Italy, but Ligurian wines enjoy a good blazon and know how to win over the finest palates. Adorning a region entirely facing the sea and very close to the coast where mountainous territories rise: how could wine production here not be called “heroic”?

Here are the DOP Wines of Liguria presented and promoted by the Enoteca Regionale.
The Levante region of Liguria is home to three DOPs: Colli di Luni, Colline di Levanto and Cinque Terre with Vermentino as the most widespread grape variety, which gives dry, harmonious, delicately almondy wines here.
In the province of Genoa, wine cultivations are recognized with the Golfo del Tigullio – Portofino DOP made up of Bianchetta Genovese, Ciliegiolo, Vermentino, Moscato and Cimixià, with contained acidity, fairly intense and lively colors, delicate but persistent aromas, and harmonious taste, while the Val Polcevera DOP involves the hinterland of Genoa, with wines with distinctive characteristics that are evident.
In the western part of the Riviera Ligure di Ponente DOP area involves Genoa, Savona and Imperia with Pigato, Rossese and Moscatello di Taggia vines, while in the western part of the Riviera, Rossese di Dolceacqua DOP is produced from the grapes of the vine of the same name, ruby red, garnet when aged, with an intense but delicate bouquet, while in the Arroscia Valley and Argentina Valley there is Ormeasco di Pornassio DOP, a so-called mountain wine with a lingering bouquet and a dry, medium-bodied flavor with a bitter streak.

Taste Liguria during the Campionato Mondiale di pesto al mortaio (World Pesto Mortar Pesto Championship)

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To give value and knowledge to typical Ligurian agricultural products with certification of origin, the Consorzi di tutela del Basilico Genovese DOP dell’Olio Riviera Ligure DOP and Enoteca Regionale della Liguria are working together in the promotional program “Assaggia la Liguria” by co-participating in the World Pesto Mortaio Championship.