Side events

  • Thursday 21st, 3.30 pm/7.00 pm. Visit to Genoa Botanical Garden “From scents to the table to public greenery”
  • Friday 22nd, The Championship meetings. “Wonders under the microscope: a basil leaf” (11/12.00 am) and “PGI, Sustainability, Marketing: the Championship, Pesto and the Sense of direction”(2.30/4.30 pm) at Sala Trasparenza, Regione Liguria, Piazza De Ferrari
  • Friday 22nd, 4.30/7.00 pm “Pesto Last Minute.” Final public pesto mortar drills at Sala Trasparenza, Regione Liguria, Piazza De Ferrari.
  • Saturday 23rd, 5.15 pm. An hour in the Historic Center, among curiosities and artisan shops (Confartigianato)
  • Ligurian Restaurateurs’ Pesto Week: “Oltre la pasta”, special pesto-based menus in Ligurian restaurants (the list of recipes and chefs will be available on the website).
  • Pesto in shopwindows. Competition for the best furnished shopwindow on Pesto and the Championship