“The Basil Pencil”

In the full respect of nature and its mistery, this year’s gadget is a normal pencil with a small cap containing some basil seeds at the exstremity. When you can’t use your pencil anymore, because it is too short, you can plant it in a vase, water it, be sure to expose it at the daylight and…after about three weeks you’ll see a beautiful and smelly little basil plant growing.

“Sparkling Genoa”

This gadget, created for the Fourth Championship is a nice little box with, in the inside some paper bags of “Sparkling Genoa” a mixture that you can melt with water to make it sparkling and basil tasty.Make your Ligurian life more sparkling! Always bring with you at home, at the office or at the shop a good dose of “Sparkling Genoa”!

”Genoa fresh air”

Are you missing Liguria? This gadget is a fine can with Ligurian most precious and loved smell inside…basil smell!!! It’s a pretty object, you can show it at home or at work or anywhere you want to feel ligurian vibes!

“Genoa appreciation pills”

Sweet basil tasty candies to positively prepare visitors that come in our city and in our region.

We reccomend to take one candy as soon as you arrive in Genoa and let it melt in your mouth. Keep on by necessity during all your Ligurian trip!

All gadgets:

Official Pesto Championship apron

Green in the classic version. New colors are available (red, orange, black)

Championship marble Mortar and woodden Pestle

First Championship hat, rag and t-shirt. Second Championship cloth bag

“La Formula Magica del Pesto” is a delicious book, available in 17 different languages to learn all the secrets of pesto preparation by mortar.