pesto al mortaio

Genoese Pesto prepared using marble mortar and wooden pestle is a gastronomic peculiarity of Ligurian families and communities living in Italy and in the rest of the world. It is a historical excellence of food culture and a style of life and conviviality that requires knowledge, skills and abilities that must be defended, in other words, Genoese Pesto is a cultural asset to be safeguarded and enhanced.

The invention of Genoa Pesto World Championship in 2007 by the Palatifini Cultural Association has strongly contributed to involving people, training new generations, and relaunching the image of our territory and can be considered a model for all communities and peoples who intend to safeguard their traditions.

For all these reasons Liguria Region, the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa and Unioncamere Liguria, the Municipality of Genoa, the University and countless other Ligurian Municipalities, cultural and business associations, Italian and foreign institutions and institutes support the candidacy of Genoese Pesto prepared using marble mortar and wooden pestle at the Italian National Commission for UNESCO as a best practice of humanity’s intangible cultural heritage.

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