In the July-August number – Palatifini explained a longing for the summer, for the sea and for refreshing dishes.

Ligurian fish is top quality: the red shrimp of Santa Margherita, “ricciarelli” from Noli, seafood from la Spezia and sardines from Camogli.

The Ligurian fishing boat fleet is very dynamic along the whole of the coast. Fish are captured with nets for anchovies and sardines, with dragnets for squid, cuttlefish and sole, with fixed nets for hake.

Choose to cook them in the most fresh and delicious!

Blue is a new magazine dedicated to Genoa and Liguria. Blue is launched as a way of improving communication, with the ambition of reaching Ligurian people as well as an international audience potentially interested in what happens in our cities and region.

The section about typical food and wine of Liguria is edited by Cultural Association of Palatifini.