In the September-October number – Palatifini explained mushrooms: porcini, galletti, colombine and “death trumpets”, ugly but full of flavour.

Liguria is covered by woods. Many of the villages in the Apennine Mountains have autumn festivals dedicated to mushrooms, gathered in the woods here since the Middle Ages.

Ligurian cooking uses lots of dried mushrooms as the “secret ingredient” for many fillers such as stuffing for ravioli, in polpettone, and in salty pies, especially those made with onions or squash.

If you like go mushrooms hunting, to cook them right away or dry them, or if you prefer to eat them at home or at festival, Liguria is the place to be.

Check out our mushrooms even on Facebook, on the page called A funghi in Liguria, which holds photos, comments, and suggestion from mushrooms fans.

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