Saturday 17 March –  Palazzo Ducale, piazza Matteotti 9, Genoa

•    h.8.30 am – Accreditation of 100 Participants, delivery of material and placement
•    h.9.30 am – Arrival of Judges and Guests, registration and delivery of material
•    h.9.00/10.30 – Childrens’ Championship – non-challenging Genoa Pesto
      competition reserved to children
•    h.10.30/13.00 am – Genoa Pesto World Championship  – Greeting of Authorities,
      presentation and Hymn, competition of 100 competitors
•    h.14.00 – Award ceremony “Palatifini Cartoons”
•    h.14.30/16.00 – Final competition and Proclamation of 2012 World Champion
“Palatifini Cartoons”: h.9.00/16.00 – Exhibition of 100 works selected
Exhibition “Old mortars” of Genovese and Ligurian families – h.9.00/16.00
Guided Tours to discover the historic city and its flavours – h.11.45 and h.16.45
“Pesto Week of Ligurian Restaurateurs” – Genoese and Ligurian restaurants offer typical dishes based on pesto with special fixed price menus! Check the list!