The Championship’s gadget 2012 is “Sparkling Genoa”

To enjoy life in Liguria!
The new gadget of the Fourth Genoa Pesto World Championship is a pretty little box holding some sachets of “Sparkling Genoa “.
A magic powder that, if diluted in water, make it bubbly and lightly flavored with basil! Make your life more sparkling in Liguria! Keep a good dose of “Sparkling Genoa ” always with you.



The Championship’s gadget 2010 is“Aria di Genova”/”Genoa fresh air!

Siete in crisi di astinenza da Liguria? Are you missing Liguria?
The new gadget is a cute little tin containing the the most precious and beloved scent of our land … the basil essence!



genoa appreciation pills

Championship’s gadget 2008: Le pillole per capire Genova – Genoa appreciation pills
Basel flavored sweet tablets to let dissolve on your tongue. We suggest you to take one tablet as soon as you reach the city of Genoa and then to take additional pills based on your needs during all your stay in Liguria!




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Apron, hat, dishtowel,
t-shirt, Pesto Magic Formula, PalatiFini Magazine And the Official Championship Mortar!











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