International Observatory – Genoese Pesto # 9 – July 2017

Genoa and its idea of lifting the air transport ban of the Pesto. Political comments ‘seasoned’ to pesto for administrative results. Pesto targeted by Walter Martino, the chef of a million dollars.

The news that Pesto has become the first sauce to circumvent the ban on air transport over 100 ml is now known to everyone in Italy, but a “best practice” like this certainly does not go unnoticed and the articles are multiplying around the world from the UAE to South America to the French-speaking countries. The international release of this news broke out after June 20 generating positive peaks in our international monitors.

The recent local elections have seen a centrality in Genoa in the national scenario and again we find that there is no more effective way of communicating what goes on in Genoa than referring to its most famous sauce: From newspaper articles to posts of more or less known personalities, political comments have been “seasoned” with photos of trofie, pesto jars dedicated to political opponents or used to celebrate the results.

Walter Martino, known as “Million Dollar Chef” after having created for an Emir of Gulf the most expensive dish in the world (Sold at $ 1 Million), rediscovers his Genoese origins in his recent release on his social channels where he promotes the Genoese pesto made to the mortar, becoming one of the top influencers of June, sparking comments and curiosity among his fans scattered around the globe.

The Palatifini Association continues the specialized information service on Pesto in collaboration with Monitoring Emotion, which analyzes the information on the web, social, press and blogs, of economic and cultural character, concerning the Pesto Genovese, for serving the operators of the sector and enthusiasts. Monitoring Emotion is a semantic search platform for listening and real-time web analytics, press and social media, able to analyze 50 million social sources, 50.000 Web sites, media and new media, in 67 Different languages.