p>The 10 participants were Gianni Ghione, Maurizio Macrì, Davide Tacchi, Gianni Legato, Claudio Negro, Valentina Betti, Simona Sartore, Ivana Clavio and Firmino Rota. Firmino was the “veteran” of the group and wanted to join the competition to celebrate its 83 years anniversary. The winner was Gianni Ghione, he will participate in the Genoa Pesto World finale in Genova as a representative of Sanremo. In second and third place Davide Tacchi and Valentina Betti.

Four judges were engaged: Mino Casabianca from “Famigja Sanremasca”, and Roberto Panizza, Sergio Di Paolo and Giuseppe Patuano from Cultural Association of Palatifini.

Here some pictures!