In the July and August number – Palatifini described the well-organized pantry: the secret recipe for going to sea and staying healthy is fresh food and a full stomach! And in Liguria sailing feels good, with your focaccia in hand, just taken out of the ovens in the bread shops of the sea-faring villages, and that cool white wine, that goes down so well, a Ligurian Vermentino or Bianchetta, that seems just to “evaporate” as the evening passes by. You can try the “Capponadda”, a salad of tomatoes and anchovies (we’ll give you the recipe below) or “Condiglione”, the Ligurian salad that mixes potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers. Happy sailing then, and buon appetito!

The section about typical food and wine of Liguria is edited by Palatifini.