Competitors took part in the two competitions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, some of them were expert and already “trained”, others were at their first time with marble mortar, wooden pestle and all the quality ingredients that are used to prepare Pesto . Here some pictures!

The jury – made up of Michele Montanella, Mauro Cavallero, Gianni Arimondo, Paolo Vettorato, Maurizio Valle and
Federico Rescigno- has decreed two champions: Paolo Pizzorno for the morning competition and Maria Livia Merlo for the competition in the afternoon. Paolo and Livia will participate in the world final the 29th of March 2014 at Palazzo Ducale. Second place for Teresa Parmendola (in the morning) and Riccardo Lugo (in the afternoon) and at third place Mauro Caviglia and Sergio Canepa.