“Green meets Blue”, is the title of the exciting and special preliminary competition for the IX  Genoa Pesto World Championship (to be held next June 4 at Palazzo Ducale), which took place on Tuesday 1st February in La Spezia, at the reception and stay center for autistic children “Luna Blu”.

Green and blue are – respectively – the color of basil and pesto (obviously) and of the “colored moon” which gives its name to the foundation “The Tomorrow of the autism”, a commendable initiative by Alberto Brunetti, a tireless and inexhaustible soul from La Spezia of this jewel of trust and hope in human resources, www.aut-aut.eu

The preliminary competition in La Spezia was unique and very high, certainly helped by the beautiful winter day, which flooded the terrace of Luna Blu with sun and warmed the hearts of the boys of the center, who for the first time found themselves talking with pestle, mortar and all the ingredients of the most popular “cold condiment” in the world! The enthusiasm, commitment and joy of the participants in the “green competition from La Spezia” will remain within us for a long time, finally a positive and hopeful note in this somewhat complicated period for the activities and relationships of all humanity.

Not without underlining that the pesto of the boys and girls of Luna Blu was undoubtedly of the highest level and worthy of the World Championship!