Round Table on Dop Basil

Palazzo Ducale, Sala del Minor Consiglio
17 march 2007, h 12pm

A meeting to promote the gesnoese basil’s culture and understan DOP rules and benefits.

Speakers: dr. Giancarlo Cassini, Councilor of Regione Liguria; dr. Giovanni Minuto, Director of CERSAA; dr. Sergio Carozzi, CCIAA of Genoa; dr. Giovanni Ravera, President of Consorzio del Basilico Genovese DOP.




Historical mortars exibition

Palazzo Ducale
16 – 18 march 2007, h 10am-6pm

Exibition of historical mortars owned by Genoese families.

esposizione mortai


ONAOO: professional oil taster

Palazzo Ducale, Sala del Camino
17 march 2007, h 10am

In the occasion of Genoa Pesto World Championship, the “National Oil Taster Association ” will show you how to well taste the precious Olive Oil from Riviera Ligure .




The restourants

from 12 to 18 march 2007

During the Pesto Championship’s week try the typical pesto dishes at the best price in Genoa Restourants. You will also receive the Official book with the “magic” pesto recipe.