A mortar round in Diano Marina, for the selection stage of the Pesto World Championship. Ten competitors competed on the stage of Aromatica, the great exhibition dedicated to basil, aromatic herbs, typical products and excellences of agribusiness and food and wine.

The preliminary competition of the Pesto World Championship which took place on Saturday 27th April is a valid race to win a place in the Genoa final, which will take place on 28th March 2020 at Palazzo Ducale.

There is also the Pesto World Champion, Emiliano Pescarolo, winner of the seventh edition.

Gianni Arimondo, of the Palatifini Association, present at the event explained the selection stages of the championship: “In order to present 100 competitors in Genoa in 2020, our association creates between one Championship and another many elimination competitions, each preliminary competition presents 10 competitors who challenge each other. Pesto is certainly the best ambassador of Liguria in the world “.

To win the victory on the stage of Aromatica was Romina Brazzi, from Bargagli (Genoa), who had already been classified at the last World Championship.

Luca Vassallo, Mayor of Chiusavecchia instead, won the vip competition that took place immediately after the “official” competition. His the best pesto judged by the expert jury.