Pre-registrations are open for the fifth edition of the Genoa Pesto World Championship organized by the Cultural Association of Palatifini, which will be held on Saturday 29th of march 2014, in Genoa, Palazzo Ducale. Just compiling this form!

The competition is open to all, professionals and amateurs cook. 100 registered candidates will be admitted based on the date of registration (50% from Genoa and Liguria, 25% from the rest of Italy and 25% abroad). To date, 23 winners of the preliminary rounds, national and international, have already gained the right to participate. In previous editions, the average age of the competitors was 40 years old. The more distant competitors came from Tokyo, Los Angeles, Guayaquil and Buenos Aires. The World champion from last edition is Sergio Muto, 58 years old, he is from Calabria but lives in Stuttgart, where he runs a deli and organizes courses of Italian cuisine.

The jury is formed by the President of the Association and by 30 judges, among restaurateurs, wine and oil tasters, food&wine journalists.
Collateral events are the “Children’s Championship”, “Pesto Week at Ligurian Restaurants” and “The Gala of Pesto.” This initiative includes a performance of Genoa Gourmet chefs and the excellence of some international cuisines.
Among the novelties of this year, there is the collaboration with the Piccolo Coro Lollipop (children’s choir) who plays the Hymn of the Championship, and the new gadget : the ” PESTO GAME. Colored photo card showing how to make pesto with a mortar, the goal is to put them in the right order, once you learn, you are ready for the World Championship!