Vincitore in alto a destraLes Halles de Lyon “Paul Bocuse” – internationally renowned as the most important market of foods and wines of high quality – along with the City of Lyon and the Chefs’ Association “Les Toques Blanches” dedicated one day to the Pesto and invited the Pesto World Championship as its greatest ambassador to the world.

The preliminary competition reserved to French competitors and valid for the Pesto World Championship 2012 was attended by many young people and many students, but also employees, all of them in lover with pesto! Alexandre Gleich won and will represent France at the Pesto World Championship in Genoa on 17 March 2012.

The jury, chaired by Roberto Panizza (President of the Palatifini Association, which invented and organizes the championship) was made by the Town Councillor Mrs. Fondeur, the journalist Christel Reynaud and the Chefs Marco Asti and Laurent Bouvier.