For those who remember past editions, and has kept the boxes of the previous three recipess, the occasion is even more tempting to continue with the collection!

Tasting places are in Via Garibaldi (Palazzo Rosso) and at (second floor of Imperial Palace in Piazza Campetto 8-A) and follow these times: Saturday, May 21 from 11 am until noon and from 5 pm to 7 pm and Sunday May 22 from 11 am until noon.

.00 to 13.00.“Rolli Days” every year sees Genoa and its ancient buildings protagonists of contemporary art, music and theater, with entertainment and tours. A journey through the historic center of Genoa where contemporary meets art in the ancient “Palazzi dei Rolli”, excellent houses of the Genoese nobility of the sixteenth century, recognized today by the Heritage List of UNESCO. For two days, these ancient buildings are home to art installations, theatrical and musical performances and free guided tours.