Rolli’n’stokke is cuisine, art and design contaminations in the Rolli Palaces.

In occasion of “Rolli Days” (23rd and 24th May 2009) – two days for discovering Rolli’s Palace and enjoy more than 20 events on contemporary arts, music and performance – the Palatifini Association is the promoter of Rolli’n’stokke, an interesting initiative featuring a culinary itinerary including three recipes, three collectible design box, three locations and three tasting experiences: baccalà salad at Palazzo Doria Spinola, carpaccio of baccalà at Palazzo Brignole Sale and stockfish brandacujun (typical western Ligurian recipe) at Palazzo Imperiale.

The Rolli Palaces are patrician properties dating back to the 1600’s, which were included by the Doge Andrea Doria in a special list of residences that thanks to their particular elegance and beauty were used to house European sovereigns and ambassadors of the time. Stockfish and baccalà , prime ingredients of delicious dishes of the Ligurian cuisine, are also part of that economic and commercial history which made the Republic of Genoa one of the most influential powers in the Mediterranean.

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