At the end of the day 6 are the classes who trained with the “School of Pesto” organized by the Cultural Association of Palatifini at Expo on Wednesday, September 18. Around noon Maurizio Valle started the demonstration followed by Mauro Cavallero, Matteo Ferro, Federico Rescigno e Alberto La Vigna. The visitors of EXPO2015, thanks to the lunchtime hunger, were attracted by the basil-aroma that filled the air surrounding the space dedicated to Liguria and organized by Unioncamere Liguria and the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa.
Many people from all over the world were at the Expo in Milan: Barbara and Richard Bray from Michigan prepared a great pesto as well as a group of Parisian students who, with great sympathy, have animated an entire “class” of Genoese Pesto Made by a Marble Mortar. Italian participants were from Rome, Bolzano, Venice and Lombardy. In addition to aspiring “pesto makers” many people stopped to watch, and especially to taste, the Pesto prepared by teachers and students. If you could disagree on the amount of garlic and pecorino, between those who preferred it softer or tasty, we all agreed on one thing: it would be wonderful to prepare a nice pasta with freshly made Pesto! Thus, among the cardo and the decumano at Expo Genoese Pesto Made by a Marble Mortar met the world.