On Thursday the 5th of November, two mortar-made pesto competitions were held in Guayaquil, especially dedicated to people living in Ecuador and valid for the Championship 2010. Competitions were organized thanks to the collaboration with Regione Liguria and the Association of Ligurian People in the World Capitulo Ecuador, and had a great success!

Some of the competitors were very young and some of them asked to their grand-mothers some advices! But the majority had never seen nor used the marble mortar and the wooden pestle before. Great attention to the ingredients too: pine nuts and seasoned cheeses are not so common in Ecuador. They all like a lot strong tastes as garlic and pecorino cheese.

The jury was made up of Sara Di Paolo, vice president Palatifini, Luigi Passano, president of Liguria People in the World Capitulo Ecuador, Domenico Vitetta by Regione Liguria and Clara Bruno (96 years old), reference person for all Ligurian families who live in Guayaquil.
The three best competitors went into the final: Alda De Prati, Enriqueta Pereira e Sanda Camaño. The final competition was held on Sunday. Hard work for the jury because the three finalist pestos were all really good! At the first place: Alda De Prati, ready to come to Genova to represent Ecuador in The Championship of march 2010, at the second place Sanda Camaño and third Enriqueta Pereira.
All pictures are visible in the photo gallery.