Valerie Betz is eighteen year-old and lives in Dolceacqua, where frequents the last year of linguistic high school before moving to Milan or Berlin to follow a school of journalism. She’s the winner of the contest of Mortar-Made Pesto devoted to the finalists of Miss Muretto in Alassio 2009.

Young and very beautiful girls are the ten competitors of this contest. They love pesto! They always eat it but they have never made it before, especially with marble mortar and wooden pestle. The Misses prepared Pesto with great dedication and energy to make the best sauce with a lot of fun!

Valerie wins the participation to the Third Edition of the Championship, that will take place on Saturday, the 20th of March 2010 in Palazzo Ducale in Genoa. The jury was composed by Paul Ballaglini, Giampaolo Badino, Gio Barbera, Gianni Di Biase, Francesco Fiducia e Raffaella Ravera.
Thanks for the organization to Confartigianato Liguria and Savona Chamber of Commerce.
This preliminary contest of Mortar-Made Pesto belongs to a series of events able to tell the qualities and excellences of our land.