On the occasion of “Collisioni”, the “Agrirock” festival that every year entertain the small town of Barolo, in Langhe, with a long weekend of concerts and interesting meetings, the Pesto Genoese have had also its afternoon of glory and goodness !

As part of “Milano Sanremo del Gusto” and thanks to the collaboration of the Liguria Region, on the “Wine&Food” stage they have been challenged in the preparation of Pesto with 10 competitors from all over Italy and beyond (Collegno, Rimini, Venice, Vigevano, Trento, Como, Cesena, Milan, Monforte – Brazil), among bloggers, influencers and gastronomy experts.

Andrea Bonomo get the first place, producer and entrepreneur of quality ice creams from Vigevano, followed in second place by Angelo Bertoletti and in third place (tied) by Emanuela Donetti and Isabella Poggi.

About the jury, in addition to Roberto Panizza, Palatifini’s president, and to palatifini’s experts also a judge “of exception” the actor and comic Carlo Gabardini who have led and animated the whole event. The winner – who will participe of the world final,the next March 17th – was awarded by the Tourism assessor of the Liguria Region, Gianni Berrino and the manager of the “Agenzia in Liguria”, Carlo Fidanza.