BLUE_19_COVERIn the November number – Palatifini explained the Minestrone and soups, ideal for the winter. Genoa makes a dense minestrone from greens and seasonal vegetables, but adds a traditional loving spoonful of pesto. La Spezia mixes bean and cereals to make “Mixture Soup”.

And a greens and chick pea soup is enjoyed all over Liguria. Chick peas are the base of the “zimino di ceci”, dishes that are made with mustard greens, spinach, or herbs.

As they say in Genoese, “Chi no sappa, no lappa!”, translated as “If you don’t work, you don’t eat!”.

Blue is a new magazine dedicated to Genoa and Liguria. Blue is launched as a way of improving communication, with the ambition of reaching Ligurian people as well as an international audience potentially interested in what happens in our cities and region.

The section about typical food and wine of Liguria is edited by Palatifini.