All Pestos prepared during the competition were really of high quality. At the end, Davide Vignolo won the right to participate the 2018 World Championship.

The competition took place in front of the stand “Mari and Monti” with a large audience around to cheer for the 10 competitors. The jury was composed of: On Ettore Rosato, Chief of the Chamber of Deputies, Stefano Vagge, President Fiesa Confesercenti, Flavia Brignoli, CDA Coop Liguria and Lorenzo Romanengo, PD Group Municipio Centro Est. For the Palatifini Association Mauro Cavallero, Gianni Arimondo and Andrea Macario.
Thanks to the Democratic Party of Genoa for organization and hospitality, Coop Liguria for ingredients and Pesto di Prà for basil.