June 2017

Zenazone’s contest on the best Genoese Pesto excites the web. Danny Bowien, Pesto World Champion 2008 is the new Star of “Mind of a Chef”. National newspapers, radio and web sites report several news about the brand that will allow you to leave Genoa Airport with the sauce in your pocket! Recipe tormenting begin for the summer and the Pesto is one of the favourite British condiment.

It rarely happens to detect a negative sentiment towards Pesto, but it is also rare to see peaks of enthusiasm and positivity such as the one born of the competition for the best Genoese Pesto announced by Zenazone.it, protagonist of a very strong social presence in the second part of May, which divides the preponderant green of the chart with the first articles on summer recipes that rush into the English world by offering summer dishes where Pesto is often used as a fresh condiment.

Danny Bowien, world champion of Pesto’s at mortar in 2008, continues to make talk about himself: after opening successful restaurants with his fusion cuisine and winning in 2013 the James Beard Foundation Award, a prestigious award for the rising stars of international cuisine, he is about becoming the new star of the “Mind of a Chef” program of American PBS, now reached the 6th edition and distributed in Italy by Netflix.

The month of May was full of interviews and promotional videos of the program about the life of this young chef; Stories that had to mention his 2008 beginning in Genoa, where he won the Pesto World Championships at Mortar being only 26 years old.

Since the 1st June at the Genoa’s Airport it will be possible to carry pesto jars in hand luggage in quantities higher than 100 ml provided by the current norm. The anti-waste initiative promoted by Ascom Enac and Genoa Airport has talked about this throughout the Italy: resumed by the national media and by many enthusiasts and curious on the web, the initiative that will see the earning obtained by this brand-stamp going to charity at Flying angels onlus association was a great idea in order to combine innovative service with territorial marketing.