A day long narration about alimentation history, cultural crossbreedings from the Mediterranean Sea to America, Africa and Japan, social habits, the importance of the intangible cultural heritage, the use of mortars and pasta history; a narration that has been told by sociologists, anthropologists, journalists and writers, gastronomes and alimentation experts.

In a nutshell, this has been the 2° International Meeting “Mortars & Pestles” that was hold on last April 7 and that got involved more than three hundred people, from young students to food&wine experts, to alimentation scholars and researchers. Ligurian institutions and delegates of the local University, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and of the Italian National Commission UNESCO were important guests. With this second edition, the Meeting confirms to be a high-level cultural event, that is separated and parallel to the Genovese Pesto World Championship, but it is part of the same vision: Genoese Pesto is more than a simple sauce, and the World Championship is more than a simple skill competition.

Soon on our website www.pestochampionship.it we will update all the documents about the Meeting, including the collateral activities, which achieved a huge success.