October 2016 – Referring to October, the presence of Pesto Genovese in social media communication, compared to the average of the preceding months, decreases by 10% for a main physiological reason: the holidays in Liguria are over. In any case, there are some positive peaks on Pesto worldwide but they are related to the “nut pesto”, about which a famous American journalist visiting Rome speaks with enthusiasm. Her report was picked up by various media in the United States and created a strong echo of web communication. Unfortunately, she doesn’t mention that the Italian home of nut sauce (with “pansoti”!) is Liguria.

Among the top Pesto Genovese influencer in October prevails a small family business based in Puglia. Through their communication on social media they outperformed both large food industry groups, and Ligurian producers. One of the declared strengths? The local basil zero km.

As a last surprise of the month we assist, astonished, to a peak of “negative sentiment” on Pesto Genovese. On October 7, it happened that the Italian actress Valeria Marini, in the TV program “Big Brother VIP,” prepared Pesto with cream. That was enough to unleash the true pesto lovers, who reacted with caustic and highly negative comments that Monitoring Emotion has consistently recorded. The attack continued on 23 and 24 October, always commenting the famous show girl, about her recipe on the jam: “If she was doing pesto so wrong, who knows how she will prepare jam!”

The Chart shows the last month negative polarity.

The Association of Palatifini continues the specialized information service on Pesto in collaboration with Monitoring Emotion, which analyzes the information on the web, social, press and blogs, regarding the Pesto Genovese. Monitoring Emotion is a semantic search platform for listening and real-time analysis of the web, press and social media, able to analyze 50 million Social sources, 50,000 Web sites, media and new media, in 67 different languages.