Also during the last two months of 2017 we were protagonists of a great number of events:On Thursday 16th November a competition took place in the Swiss Circle of Genoa, while, on the same day, another involving contest was held during the 23rd edition of “ABCD – Orientamenti”, the most important Italian exhibition dedicated to orientation, promoted by Liguria Region and organized by Alfa and Fiera di Genova, where students from secondary schools tried their hand at preparing pesto using a mortar.On Saturday 19th November we were present at the baptism of the baby seal “Pesto” at the Aquarium of Genoa, a tribute to the Genoese way of life and to the well-known basil-based sauce, whose name was chosen directly by the public through the Facebook page of the Aquarium. Veronica Pivetti attended the event as patroness, while the band Buio Pesto gave their contribution by playing their unpublished song “The little Pesto”.On Sunday 20th November we were invited by the Italian Consulate to the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World at the General Consulate of Italy in Paris at the presence of Ambassador  Giandomenico Magliano, Consul  Emilia Gatto and the gastronomic critic  Jean-Luc Petitrenaud. The students of the Institute “Bartolomeo Scappi” of Bologna took part to the competition. A truly prestigious evening for our Association whose cultural and promotional aim is that of creating great international level events.On Tuesday 22th November we performed a demonstration with Sergio Di Paolo and Gianni Arimondo in the classic TV show of Raidue “Sereno Variabile” with Giovanni Muciaccia as presenter.

Many other events took place in December:

On Friday, December 1st we made a demonstration at the enthralling nineteenth century kitchens inside Palazzo Spinola in Genoa for an international group of yacht masters, in partnership with Marina Genova.On Friday 15th December, the first press conference was held for the presentation of the next Genoa Pesto World Championship that will take place on Saturday 17 March 2018 at Palazzo Ducale.On December 13th and 14th we went to London, in partnership with the Agency in Liguria, for another international stage of our path for the valorization and the food culture.The Association in 2017 also took part in the “Milano Sanremo del Gusto”: the famous cycling race of taste:A 280 kilometer trip through some of Italy’s most exciting culinary realities. From traditional classics and ingredients to the exciting up eateries and chefs in the area:

The countdown for the next Championship due in just 3 months has begun. Stay tuned!