One of the most prestigious banks specialized in management of assets, Patrimoni Sella & C. Bank, supports the Pesto World Championship. Patrimoni Sella & C. Bank is based in Turin and has offices throughout Italy and in the center of Genoa. Founded in 2005, it is part of Gruppo Banca Sella Holding and it is specialized in asset management for private and public clients. It also performs all other banking functions.

The Cultural Association Palatifini which organizes the Pesto World Championship, a cultural and social phenomenon followed at international level by a continuously increasing number of people, is pleased to include such a prestigious partner among its supporters.

In Genoa, Patrimoni Sella & C. Bank is located in Salita Santa Caterina 4/7.

Contacts: Alberto Contini, Paolo Stoppielli / Telefono +39 010 25476248

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