IMG 0740New Year, new Pesto demos! The first one on Monday, January 21 at “Per tutti I gusti” ( “To all tastes”) a prestigious “cooking show” on Ligurian excellent cuisine organized by Carlo Vischi in large and fully equipped kitchens at Sheraton Hotel, Milan, Malpensa Airport.

Roberto Panizza president of the Cultural Association of Palatifini performed a mortar made Pesto demonstration in front of experts, journalists, bloggers and chefs explaining the quality of the ingredients used and telling the origin of Pesto sauce.

Mortar made Pesto was the star of the Gran Galà dinner, hosted in a special dish by Chef Ivano Ricchebono (from “The Cook”, Genoa-Nervi) who prepared sensational ravioli with potatoes, enriched by Pesto, cream beans and crunchy pine nuts. Extraordinary cooking as well as the other plates prepared by Ligurian Chef: Flavio Costa (from “Arco Antico”, Savona) presented a velvet sauce of Albenga artichokes with squid and bittersweet lemon peels, Giuseppe Ricchebuono (from “La Fornace di Barbablù, Palazzo Vescovile, Noli, Savona) showed his Sugarelli fish with chestnut of Calizzano, while Claudio Tiranini (from “ Spurcaciun-a”, Savona) prepared a complex dessert with “Chinotto” fruit, a typical tree.

All these delicacies was accompanied with Ligurian wines of the highest profile offered by “Terre Bianche”, Mauro Feola, “Bisson” and “La Pietra del Focolare”.

In conclusion, a beautiful day, a major event to improve Ligurian food&wine promotion.

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