What a beautiful atmosphere there was in Parma! Thanks to the scent of Parmigiano Reggiano PDO, to the young chefs from all sides of Italy attending the prestigious International School of Cooking “ALMA” at Colorno in the province of Parma, and thanks to the words of the speakers at the conference organized by Coldiretti Parma on “Made in Italy: the recipes are copied. The brands  bought. And more. ”

Because to protect our traditional products and excellence is useful for the economy (the “fake” made in Italy in terms of turnover is exceeding the “real” made in Italy), for the environment (good and respectful production process) and also for our palate! Pesto is based on at least three PDO: basil, extra-virgin olive oil and parmesan cheese!.

After the conference, the preliminary contest – valid for the IV World Pesto Championship – challenged talented young chefs to the preparation of mortar made pesto!

Luke Naula, from Gattinara (Vercelli), won! At second place Elisa Monica, a young chef of Parma, and the third place the Genoese Nicholas Rizzi.

The jury was composed by Andrea Grignafini food critic, chef “Starry” Gianni D’Amato, Davide Cassi, Professor at University, Giorgio Grenz Director of Coldiretti, and Roberto Panizza, President of Palatifini.
The event was made possible thanks to Coldiretti Parma and the collaboration of the Chamber of Commerce of Parma and the International Culinary School “Alma”.