The Asiatic South-east challenges Liguria and Italy with the Thai basil pesto. Vegetarians and vegans are driving the green sauce in USA. In Italy, with the summer arrival, Pesto’s recipes explode between blog and social, + 5% compared to last year.

It makes its way to the world, with hits of 84,000 views, 685 likes and 200 retweets in a few days, a video on basil pesto Yes, but Thai. Exotic for the valorization of local basil and for the addition of peanuts, rice vinegar and sesame oil, the Thai basil Pesto is the challenge from Southeast Asia to our products of excellence.

It is more and more important, therefore, to reaffirm the origin, the image and the quality of the true genoese pesto made in italy currently defended with only very few means from the World Championship and from the attempt to obtain UNESCO’s recognition.

Even on the other side of the Pacific in July, there was turmoil. In the United States many people have reported on the social network to have celebrated the anniversary of the July 4th flavoring traditional dishes with Pesto. The mainly part are people with vegetarian or vegan inclination, a growing community increasingly and especially active on social networks.

We are now in the middle of summer and web is filled with summer and diet recipes. Pesto is increasingly mentioned in the creation of dishes, a 5% more mention than in July 2016. In Italy, they remain always at the top, as influencers, food bloggers, who frequently, in new and creative recipes they propose, do not forget how versatile our Genoese sauce is.