TASTE-0282Anichinico Antonio has won the last preliminary competition at Taste (Florence) valid for the Third Pesto World Championship that will be held in Genoa on 20th March at Palazzo Ducale, the Doge’s residence of the Ancient Maritime Republic, in the Maggior Consiglio Hall.


The competition, with nine competitors, has taken place in Taste, the prestigious manifestation of wines and food products organized by Pitti Immagine at Stazione Leopolda in Florence and now become the most qualified salon of Italian taste.

This year there are 200 wine and food Italian enterprises highly chosen that can offer their high quality to a full of rich events context.
Great participation of wine and food operators coming from all over the world. The ideal place where to speak about pesto through the organisation of a preliminary competition with the contribution of the “oenogastronaut” Davide Paolini.

The preliminary competition has taken place in an atmosphere full of enthusiasm and curiosity about Genovese pesto and its ingredients. The jury was made of four important wine and food operators. For the Association Palatifini Roberto Panizza and Sergio Di Paolo.