Saturday, April 12, 30 people competed for the best Pesto in Paris. It was the first preliminary competition valid for the upcoming sixth edition of the Championship in 2016. The day was beautiful, in addition to preliminary competition – the first time with 30 people at the same time – there were tastings of Ligurian products of the highest quality and a cooking class held by Maurizio Pinto, chef at Genoa restaurant Voltalacarta.

Great organization in the hands of Alessandra Pierini, from epicerie-cave “RAP”, one of the greatest experts of Italian quality products, and Alain Cirelli, the “inventor” of “Le Purgatoire”, a special place in Rue du Paradis 54, where contemporary visual art and culinary one are “cheek to cheek”.

Gianluca De Simone is the winner, followed by Filippo Gropallo and Sophie De Boisseur. The jury was formed by a team of 9 high-profile experts and journalists. In addition to Alessandra Pierini, Alain Cirelli and Maurizio Pinto, there were Paolo Marchi (founder of Identity Greedy), Benedetto Chierici (French importer of quality Italian products) Périco Légasse (restaurant critic among the most influential in France), Filippo Giarolo (“food dealer”) and Stefano Palombari ( from “L’Italie a Paris” one of the most visited sites in Paris). The Cultural Association Palatifini was represented by Sergio Di Paolo.

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